Saturday, June 24, 2006

Great Lesson Plans using Technology

Kathy Schrock ‘s Guide for Educators website Best Practices of Technology Integration offers lessons created by Michigan teachers that demonstrate how technology can be used as a valuable tool in the classroom.

Future Career Visions

Description: This is a great lesson plan to use for any class that wants to integrate technology/careers into their curriculum. Intended Grade Level(s): 9-12 (could be revised for Elementary and Jr. High) explore Careers and a way for students to present their findings to others. This lesson will require the students to integrate technology into the curriculum. They will research the latest career information on the Internet. Not only will the students do an in depth personal exploration, they will also have the opportunity to work with one of their peers in a problem situation. They will have fun creating a Career Flyer or Brochure and a PowerPoint® Presentation on the career areas. This lesson will also help the student with public speaking as they present their career presentation for an audience.

I located the final two lesson plans doing a Google search "lesson plans using technology" which directed me to Microsoft Education.

Diseases of the Human Body

Description: Students choose a disease to research from a list provided. They research the disease using the Internet, encyclopedias, and materials from the library. They then create a presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint®, a brochure, and a Web page to help present their disease to the rest of the class.The third lesson plan

Creating Multimedia Time Lines

Description: Use a timeline to track the discoveries that led up to the Human Genome Project. Time lines enable students to quickly grasp the relationship of events. With today's technology, you can trace, track, and chart events by including photographs, illustrations, and even music in a compelling multimedia format. When students select, analyze, and organize timeline information, they have an opportunity to construct a clear and lasting understanding from the curriculum.

Required Software & Tutorials : Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word 2002 or later, Microsoft Visio 2003
Create a Timeline in Microsoft Visio
Create a Timeline in Microsoft Word

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