Saturday, January 26, 2008

Faking It

" Until I began to acknowledge my weaknesses, I did not realize I had so many strengths. As I better understand my learning disabilities, it is easier to reassure myself that I truly am not stupid, and, in fact, have some really strong abilities."

Christopher Lee offers a view into his world as a person with a learning disability in his book Faking It. I recommend this book to teachers and parents of students with special learning needs. You can also view his video which shows Lee’s devotion to helping students with learning disabilities using technology.

Speech Recognition Software

Famous Person with Learning Disabilities Quote:

"I'm dyslexic, quite seriously dyslexic -

I still have trouble reading – so I hated school. It was the worst period of my whole life, the first 12 years of growing up". –

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Speech Recognition Software

I am currently using speech-to-text software with a student who has dysgraphia and difficulty using a keyboard. Through his Individual Education Plan (IEP), he was assigned a laptop for school and home with software including the speech recognition program Dragon Naturally Speaking. He is now more independent in his class work completion and he is also in the process of writing the next screen play to rival “Star Wars”.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Here is a website that provides a video demonstration of the speech-to-text software program, Dragon Naturally Speaking at Nuance Communications, Inc.

Famous Person with Learning Disabilities Quote Reveal:

Robert Rauschenberf

Described as "The greatest living painter